Here’s how you will be paid $500 Cash, $1,000 Cash or More

  • Register your name & address
  • Refer a fellow DC, a student or an Associate.
  • When your referred doctor or student joins The Practice Starters® Program and lists you as the person who referred them, you’ll receive $50 of your referred DC’s $99 monthly fees until you receive $500.
  • You will have an account set up at Practice Starters®.com in which you can check the name of everyone you referred, and who they said referred them in order to verify your referral, their payment history and your payment history.

We’re So Confident of our Practice Starting Advice, We GUARANTEE* A DC’S NEW PRACTICE SUCCESS!

*When the DC you refer joins The Practice Starters® Program and follows the “Guaranteed Program Guidelines”, he/she will receive The Practice Starters® Program Double Guarantee. 

  • Guarantee #1 If the Practice Starters® Program doesn’t save Your referred DC more money than he/she pays us … he/she will receive all of his/her Practice Starters Program fees back.
  • Guarantee #2  If your referred DC doesn’t hit net profit within 5 months of opening his/her practice, he/she will receive all their Practice Starters® Program fees back.

Facts about The Practice Starters® Program you’ll be
referring to…

  • The Practice Starters Program is the least-expensive, most-comprehensive practice starting program in the world.
  • Over 30 years practice starting experience.
  • Over 3,000 graduates.
  • Provides everything a new DC needs to start a practice … advice, equipment, advertising, etc.
  • On-line practice-starting guidance 24/7.
  • 40 on-line videos on starting a practice.
  • Six e-books on starting a practice.
  • 400 pages of easy-to-follow instructions on all aspects of starting a practice.
  • All the forms needed to start a new practice … INCLUDED!
  • An easy-to-follow practice starting system.
  • Proven advertising that attracts new patients.
  • Free live seminars.
  • And, personal consulting when and if needed!

All you have to do to become a Referral Partner and receive your referral fees is to sign up below. And, if you feel like you need a little more information, maybe you're not completely convinced - no problem. Click on the link below to take an inside look at The Practice Starters Program, and then decide. Maybe you can earn an extra $500, $1000, $2000 or more.

Thanks for your interest - and thank you for helping me help more new DC's succeed.

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